Hi again :-)

I’m Kay, a Chinese-Canadian designer from the 6ix, back home after 3 years in sunny SoCal with Mochi the 🐈

I’m looking for my next opportunity to design meaningful experiences that empower relationships between people across digital spaces. Whether I’m optimizing processes, designing new features, or advocating for users, I want to grow with the talented people around me.

So, what’s my story?

  1. I’m an illustrator, turned social psychologist, turned self-taught visual designer, turned user researcher, and now aspiring product designer... or maybe I was a UX generalist all along? 🤔 

  2. My design-spirations are social media, micro-interactions, personalization and gamification! 

  3. I'm always on a creative project: whether it's for my online art shop or planning my next DIY.

  4. One time, I took a philosophy course on Aesthetics so I could learn AND look at pretty pictures at the same time. Big brain.

Got a cool freelance project? Email me 📬 

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ux/ui designer @ b2sign

APRIL 2020 — SEPT 2020
Currently the sole product designer for our B2B, B2C, and design service products, I work with 7 developers and 2 product managers to craft intuitive e-commerce experiences and product systems.

ux research analyst @ ticketmaster

UX RESEARCH INTERN OCT 2019 — DEC 2019, JAN 2020 — APRIL 2020
I was part of the Research & Insights team, uncovering fan insights that drove the designs of Ticketmaster.com's products.

ux/ui design intern @ hawke media

JUNE 2019 — SEPT 2019
I created hifi wireframes, UI assets, and implemented them on Wordpress and Shopify with our client-facing designers for growing businesses like Let's Make Art, Jenny Many, and Budberry.

graphic designer @ embroider buddy

APRIL 2016 — MAY 2017
I designed products and marketing collateral as an in-house designer for Embroider Buddy & parent toy company, Parkdale Novelty.

digital artist @ mycena cave

MAY 2015 — DEC 2016
I drew collectible characters, items, and UI icons for a browser-based virtual pet game and supported player experiences with staff.

freelance designer & illustrator

I do a variety of creative work for business clients including digital illustrations, branding collateral, web design, and retail products.
UI & Visual Design
Service Design
Info Architecture
Journey Maps
User Flows & Personas
User Research
Usability Testing
Motion Design
Adobe CC